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Welcome to ENZO's your personal Driver!

A Personal Driver service with the perfect solutions for busy Executives, Doctors, Attorneys, Families or international travelers. I can drive your car for you or use mine to drive you to those destinations on set days and times.

Business or work

Travel anywhere

Special ocassions

While am waiting

You will enjoy the flexibility of on-demand of my service.


My service is at your disposal for as long as you require and I can  take care of a few errands without you actually doing them yourself.


Total Confidentiality, Responsible, On Time, Trustful and Secure.


I work around the clock so you can contact me at anytime. My personalized Service will cover all your expectation in all ways.

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I can also take care of your personal "To do List"

Driving your own Car

Pickup Dry Cleaning

Go Groceries shopping

Get things done!

If it is more comfortable or convenient for you, I can drive your own vehicle.

While I am waiting for you, I can run to the dry cleaner and drop or pick your clothe.

Maybe you are running out of time to go to the grocery store; give me the list and I will get it for you.

If I am driving your car, let me take it to the car wash and also get all things done on your "To do List".


same rates + expenses

Need to travel out of Town?

I can be a good help during your trip

If you need to travel out of town, in the country or overseas, I can be a great help serving you as an assistance and use my additional skills.


I speak other languages, I am professional photographer, websites designer, marketing, sales and more. Skills that I can offer during your trips in addition to being your personal driver.

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